About Our Energy Solutions

For our energy-hungry modern society, fossil fuels are a quick and easy way to power our lives, but the evidence of the dangerous consequences fossil fuels bring to our health, security, and environment is well-documented. Drilling for natural gas using unconventional technologies such as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, was initially conceived by some as a positive step toward a greener, more sustainable energy future. Instead, the fracking boom has brought with it a multitude of new concerns.

At the same time, renewable energy technologies have been experiencing a profound period of innovation and development, increasing accessibility to the consumer markets and becoming a cost-competitive alternative for providers. With important environmental and health benefits, renewable energies are becoming recognized as the smarter choice for the future.

So how do we balance our near-term needs with our long-term realities?

With 14 workshops in 7 countries on 3 continents, OUR ENERGY SOLUTIONS is creating an informed global community of engaged citizens, organizations, businesses, governments, and stakeholders to develop ideas and solutions to keep our society moving forward while preserving our planet for the future.

Download our brochure:  OurEnergySolutions

Our Energy Solutions is a joint project by:


The FracTracker Alliance shares maps, data, and analyses to enlighten America and the world about the impacts of unconventional energy extraction. Our website – www.FracTracker.org – includes issue-based insights, national data trends, and international considerations. By visually and dynamically illuminating these concerns, we help to inform a more positive energy future.


Ecologic Institute is a place for informed dialogue and debate about the future of environmental policy. From our offices in Washington, D.C., and San Mateo, CA, we are working to promote nature conservation, sustainable resource management, and environmentally conscious economic and social development. Visit us at www.eius.org to learn more.

With the generous funding of V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation.


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