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The Future Grid: A Smarter Way to Power America

On June 11, 2015, the Progressive Policy Institute hosted an event called “The Future Grid: A Smarter Way to Power America,” which included two discussion panels of policy-makers, industry leaders, and expert analysts. In his opening statement, Will Marshall, President of the Progressive Policy Institute, said that the key to advancing the energy grid, and in turn stimulating America’s productivity, “is investing more in infrastructure.” Ladeene Freimuth, Policy Director of GridWise Alliance and President of The Freimuth Group, corroborated Marshall’s statement by arguing that “smart grid technology will give us more resilience and flexibility. And we will have a more reliable grid in the future because new technologies will help us forecast outages.” In response, however, Ronald Minsk, former Director of the National Economic Council at the White House, warned that “sometimes when things get more complex, they get less reliable.”
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